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Guide Dog

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Guide Dog

What is a Guide Dog?

The Guide Dog, also known as the Lazarillo Dog or Assistance Dog, is a trained dog that serves to guide or assist blind or visually impaired people by helping them to move around the streets, work or at home, as a great assistant mobility, contributing to the security, agility and personal autonomy of each blind person. Do you want to know how Dog Guide is designed in English ?, “Guide Dog” is designed.

To achieve all this, our dear canine friends are previously trained in a school for dogs and / or pet guides, one of the main jobs of Assistance Dog is to guide blind people in public transport and to be aware of possible dangers in the street. Some people usually identify it as the dog for the blind.

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Most people understand that the dogs guide are for the visually impaired or blind people, these dogs have a great job in guiding or helping in the mobilization and above all that helps to improve the autonomy and confidence of the visually impaired. , so let’s get to know a little more about these dear canine friends.

Perro guia Perro lazarillo


History of the Guide Dog

In the antecedents it is shown that guide dogs come from the middle of the XVI century, in the passing of time these beloved canines have been part of many novels, literary arts and movies, among the best known we have a: “The blind man walks where the dog pulls” or “Through my eyes”.

The first schools for guide dogs were founded in Germany during the First World War to improve the mobility of those war veterans who were blind or visually impaired. The true interest and knowledge of the existence of these dogs was given thanks to the context written by Dorothy Harrison Eustis in the magazine The Saturday Evening Post in 1927, this woman lived in Switzerland and was a great breeder lover of dogs.

After these events and the great value and interest that was obtained by the guide dogs, they were imported to different countries such as the United States and Great Britain, which were used for the same purpose to guide veterans who suffered from blindness or vision problems. during the wars. In the year 1934 in Great Britain was founded “The association of guide dogs for the blind”.

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Guide dogs for the blind

If we rely on history, the guide dog was created to guide or assist veterans who have suffered from visual impairment or who have been blinded, thanks to the effectiveness and work of the Assistance Dog, an opportunity has been found so that blind people can move without much complication through the streets or public and private areas.

For this they must acquire these canine companions in the foundations or schools and it depends a lot on their economic position, if you have money you can go to a private guide dog school and get it, if you do not have to apply for it in a guide dog foundation without purposes of profit, but the acquisition of the dog will usually take between 1 to 3 years.

We know that the Assistance Dog has a great job because it facilitates the movement of a person with visual disability, but we ask ourselves: How much is the value of the Guide Dog in a blind person? Maybe some people do not understand the meaning that the guide dog can have in blind people, but I will tell you that it is a lot since it becomes the eyes of people to be able to move, facilitating the transfer in the streets or public areas.

Another question that comes to mind is: What is the dog of the blind? And what is the price of guide dogs for the blind ?. we are going to answer you:

First the Dog of the blind is the Guide Dog, Lazarillo Dog or Assistance Dog, you are usually known by any of these three names, your job is to guide people with visual disabilities through the streets, establishments or public and private areas and Second the Guide Dog Price goes hand in hand with the value it has for blind people, these dogs are worth approximately 20,000 to 40,000 euros its high value is due to its great training, the investment of time and money and the great value they have for people with visual disabilities.

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Guide dog breeds

There are different breeds or species of guide dogs, usually selected for their temperament and ease of learning, the most affective and common breeds that can be found in schools are the Labrador Retriever, the Golden Retriever and the German Shepherd, although Some schools have added Poodles to the favorites.

The Labrador Retrievers are a breed known as guide dogs for the blind, since most guide dogs are of this breed, their main task is to guide blind people in public areas or places, to avoid tripping over obstacles and improving the mobilization of people with visual disabilities, in some countries they know it as help dogs for the disabled.

The most popular dog and more used at the level is the Golden Retriever, being one of the most vivacious and intelligent dogs, with a normal to medium size, short coat, with a mild temperament, willing and unlikely to contract diseases, in question of sex I can be anyone.

The Best Dog Breeds

  • Guide Labrador
  • Retriever Golden
  • Retriever German
  • Shepherd Flat-coated Retrieveres (Smooth Hair Cobrador).

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Schools and Foundations of Dogs Guide:

Schools and foundations are the places where the guide dog goes through its full breeding and training, this is where it acquires a great discipline so that they can overcome several obstacles, although dogs in general are blind red and green and unable to interpret the signs of traffic, in training or training the guide dogs acquire mobility skills where they can guide or pilot the user or blind people.

In both cases the Guide Dog Puppies usually goes through a process that helps him to become a true Assistance Dog, this starts from his birth where he is selected and has a pre-training of 7 weeks, then he is assigned to a host family during 12 months, at the end of the training and learning process that usually lasts between 6 to 12 months, then it is assigned to the user and follow-ups are carried out to evaluate the behavior and adaptation of the Assistance Dog, and for the last one to reach 12 years The dog can retire and is fit to be welcomed as a pet.

I am going to mention some Guide Dog Schools or foundations recognized worldwide, maybe you have heard or seen:

  • Guide Dog Foundation the Eleven
  • International Guide Dog Federation
  • Guide Dog Foundation for the blind
  • Guide Dogs or the Blind
  • School for training guide dogs for the blind I.A.P


Dogs Guide Prices

How much does a guide dog cost? This is one of the most frequent questions that people ask, an interview with Fundación Once confirms that each lazarillo dog costs them between 30,000 and 35,000 euros approximately, that means that this type of dog is not cheap, on the contrary his upbringing and training is economically high, since they have a great dedication and intensive training.

As mentioned if you are considering buying a Assistance Dog, at least you have an idea of ​​the price and value of the dog guide, the prices usually vary according to private schools and countries, an important point is that we must take into account food and care physical of the dog, for this they must attend the veterinarian 4 times a year for their check-ups, if you want to take more often it would be much better.

If you live in Spain and ask yourself how much does a guide dog cost in Spain ?, as stated by Once your investment is very high we can consider that it costs between 20,000 to 45,000 euros, depending a lot on the private school, as long as you want it as soon as possible, but if you do not have that amount of money you can go to a foundation of guide dogs where guide dogs are free, but it is usually expected between 2 to 3 years approximately and that certain requirements have to be met.

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Legislative Rights of Dogs Guide

Dogs Guide or Dog Lazarillo has certain rights and laws that support access and movement in areas and places of public access, this is due to certain establishments discriminate access to this type of dog, since They consider it as a common dog and not as a trained dog whose job is to guide blind or visually impaired people.

The rights and free access of guide dogs depends very much on the country in which it is located, it can be said that each country has a decree and different conditions, likewise other countries do not recognize the free access of the guides, here are some examples of countries with respect to the legislative rights of the Guide Dog.

  • In the United States, according to Law 101-336 of Statute 104 (42USC & 12101), it establishes a clear and comprehensive prohibition of discrimination based on disability. In Title III, public accommodation and public facilities (42 USC & 12181-12189) recognize and protect animals that are in service on behalf of disabled people, where users must not pay an additional fee or be discriminated against by the establishment for it must show the card or document that certifies that it is a dog that helps a disabled person.
  • In the United Kingdom, the Equality Act of 2010 protects the right of equality and access for disabled people with assistance dogs, entering different public places such as: banks, cafeterias, hotels, hotels, taxis, metros, restaurants, etc. It should be noted that the discrimination of the Assistance Dog to public places is prohibited and if it is not complied with, they will be subject to a penalty.
  • In many countries of South America and Mexico the free access of Assistance Dog depends very much on the will of the owner or staff of public establishments, since there is not yet a law that regulates or endorses the access rights of the Guide Dog. In Brazil there is a federal decree of 2006 that requires free access to assistance dogs in public places.
  • In Canada there is a Discrimination Discrimination Act of 1992 that protects disabled users as well as assistants, in this case the laws are usually regulated province since it contains different terms and conditions.
  • In Spain Royal Decree 3250/1983 of December 7, covers the right of free access to blind people with guide dogs in establishments and public places, also this law was regulated on June 18, 1985 improving conditions for people disabled dogs and their assistance dogs.

As we mentioned the right of free access and recognition of Guide or Assistance Dog depends a lot on the countries since many of them have a decree that defends and supports them, while other countries are still in process It should be mentioned that some countries are not obliged to provide free access to assistance dogs. In general the laws will be modified to benefit both parties, both for the disabled with their assistance dogs and the establishment, it is a matter of time.

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Implements for Dogs Lazarillo

  • Guide Dog Harness

The harness is the main implement for the guide dog, since it is a special harness for this type of dogs compared to the traditional harnesses, it is essential that the Assistance Dog uses this harness when going out to the street or public areas, since it allows to guide the user better, so that you have an idea I am going to mention some characteristics of this harness.

  • The Guide Dog Harness has a lightweight aluminum handle that easily attaches.
  • It has a very comfortable strap and ideal to be implemented with the aluminum handle.
  • Improves the ride and provides a more comfortable grip.
  • Comfort and safety for owner and pet.

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  • Books about the Guide Dog

The literary works about dogs allow us to understand the daily life of a blind person, their emotions, frustrations, desires, needs, etc. In our current situation we can not understand or know in depth the feeling of a blind person and the great value that guide dogs have that are the assistants or traveling assistants for them.

There is no person more indicated than a blind man to write a book about his disability and especially the great support he receives from a guide dog, and that is why I invite you to read some of these books so you can experience and understand the value of the guide dogs and that we must support and be supportive of the non-profit guiding dog foundations, I am also going to leave you some books about the guide dogs:

  • “Through my little eyes”
  • “The right mind of the guide dog”
  • ” Guide dogs for blind people “

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Photos or Images of Guide Dogs


Questions about Guide Dogs or Lazarillo Dog

Is there an assistance dog certificate?

Of course there is the certificate of assistance dog or Lazarillo Dog, this certificate allows to identify a dog assistance of normal dogs, for this it is necessary to go to the titular entities or responsible for welfare centers or social action, such as foundations, associations or federation of guide dogs.

How to get a dog Guide?

You must go to a guide dog foundation for the request of the dog lazarillo, you will be asked for a series of prerequisites before acquiring the Assistance Dog, you can also go to a private Assistance Dog school but in this case the guide assistant is going to cost, that is to say that you will have to pay, the price of the guide dog is from 20,000 to 40,000 euros.

What is the regulation of guide dogs?

Legislation or legislative decree that supports free access to public spaces and places, guide dogs vary depending on the country each one has a decree and different conditions, in the case of Spain we are talking about Royal Decree 3250/1983 of 7 December.

Where can guide dogs enter?

As mentioned in the previous question, the right of access of the dog guide varies according to the countries, where the guide dog can be found in said law, in the case of Spain Royal Decree 3250/1983 of December 7, in the United States it is the Law 101-336 of statute 104 (42USC & 12101), in the United Kingdom is the Equality Act of 2010 and so on, each country has a supreme law or decree that allows the free entry of Assistance Dog to different public spaces.

Where can I adopt retired guide dogs?

To be able to adopt a retired guide dog, you must contact the foundations and ask for all the necessary information, you must also transmit that interest in wanting to adopt and provide a home for the Assistance Dog.

How much is a Guide Dog worth?

The value of the guide dog is very relative, for blind people the value is very great since guide dogs are their eyes or guide in public places or areas and for a person without visual disability the value does not mean much since they do not count with the need of these dogs, that would be in a matter of value, but if you want to know how much is the price of a guide dog you could say that it is between 20,000 to 40,000 euros, because if you want to buy a Assistance Dog at least you know how much is its price and the value each person puts.

What is the best guide dog breed?

We could not say which is the best breed of Assistance Dog, if not which is the most adaptable breed, which has a better learning process and better temperament, we could say that the most recommended breeds are the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd and The Flat Coated Retriever, these are dogs that guide the blind as efficiently as possible.

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