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Guide Dog Training

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Guide Dog Training

The Guide Dog Training is one of the most complicated functions that must be taken with a lot of patience and time, this preparation is done from 7 weeks of birth, for this it is necessary the participation of a guide dog school, there are also foundations where they can be trained to turn these canine prospects into a true guide dog.

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The Guide Dog or Dog Lazarillo must balance or minimize the instincts that can harm their training or learning process, this is achieved with a work by stages, is usually performed from birth to be adapted, early stimulation of the dog During the first two months it is essential to generate the pattern of the Guide Dog, and it is necessary to continue with the training after graduation.

The participation and dedication of the teachers is very important so that the dogs learn the different functions or tasks that have to be done. Also, it is important the learning ability of dogs, we must bear in mind that the dog has a series of hunting instincts, guard and protection, the last two mentioned are those that will be developed more fully.


escuela de perros guía


Guide Dog Training Process in the School

This process is carried out in guide dog training schools, the puppies at birth go through a pre-selection for the training process and then turn them into one in a among the preferred ones. almost assured we have the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever and the German Shepherd, for the reason that these breeds are more vivacious and intelligent. The canine assistant goes through a series of processes or phases in life to consolidate as a guide dog, for this it is necessary a guide dog school that will train them, I will mention the different processes that the pet has to go through to become a true guide dog.


  • Selection of the Prospect:

This begins already from its birth, it is here where the puppies are selected to go through the different training processes, considering their upbringing and feeding. The favorite breeds for the selection are the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever and the German Shepherd, since they are the most intelligent, they are very adaptable and have a great learning facility. This is where the puppy’s stimulation program begins to see its interaction and temperament.

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  • Host Family of the Guide Dog

At 8 weeks of the puppy’s life, this is assigned to a volunteer family that is willing to take care of their care and feeding for 1 year, this is where the guide dog begins to socialize with people where It will accompany you to your daily activities, such as your workplace, public transportation, cinema, street, etc. These activities are regulated by current legislation that allows future guide dogs to enter the transport, public, establishments and public spaces. that a normal pet can not, also these dogs should have controls by their veterinarians every six months.

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  • Training of the Guide Dog

After the year of reception, the dog returns to the guide dog school for its training, the training usually lasts from 6 to 10 months and maximum to 12 months. It is here where the dog receives the training course where they begin to behave like a guide dog, accept the harness, do not jerk, move in a straight line and avoid the different obstacles of daily life such as the circuit of stairs, steps of zebra , assistance in the subway, before barriers and in public spaces.

Entrenamiento perro guia


  • Assignment to the blind

Approximately with almost 2 years of life the guide dog is already prepared for the assignment to the user who needs it, this is where the dog becomes his companion and his eyes. We can find the guide dogs in schools, in the meters, streets, etc., It should be noted that the guide dogs do not usually carry the same training, because it is the same as the dog identifies the zebra crossing with a river puddle, that is to say that the obstacles of the city can not be the same as that of the towns.

Also at this stage the guide dog usually takes classes of training complemented the already acquired, this usually happens annually, where its can last between 1 to 2 months, for he assigns another user assistance dog while his is in complementary training. Another point is that during this allocation stage the guide dog must go through veterinary checks and analytics. During this stage we must consider the following, since it can interrupt the functions of the guide dog, here are some examples:

  • Never distract the guide dog while he is performing his functions.
  • Never offer food to the guide dog.
  • Do not be afraid of the guide dogs, because they are docile and educated dogs, considering that they can smell the fear and can get nervous.
  • Unable to touch the harness of the guide dog, it can only be manipulated by its users.

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  • Retirement of the Guide Dog

As a great official the work of the guide dog must conclude, it is usually given an approximate of 12 years of working life. At the end of this time the dog goes through an observation to see if it can continue with its functions or to retire, the latter may be due to lack of safety in the displacement or health problems. Already the retired dog can continue living with the user and become its owner or can return to school and be cared for until his death.

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Dog School guides the World

In the training guide dogs we can find different schools or foundations that help in this training, for this it is important to know that a dedication and time is offered to these dogs, you will have heard the price of a guide dog and you are amazed, because of course the schools take a lot of time, dedication and investment to these canine friends.

In general, guide dogs are usually found in schools, some people usually have financial availability and buy while others have to go to other institutions that can give these dogs for free but usually take about 3 years, for this the schools offer good training and constant monitoring of their guide dogs and the best thing is that it is the least Possible time.

I am going to mention the 5 schools of guide dogs worldwide, some are more known than others, a It may be better than another one, it depends on the value that each user gives to each training school.

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School for guide dog training for the blind I.A.P

Is a private assistance institution founded to raise, educate, train, educate and donate guide dogs for the blind and provide exclusive rehabilitation for people with visual disabilities. This school was founded in 1988 by Silvia Lozado Badillo in Latin America exactly in Mexico City, being a non-profit institution has received sponsorships by the IAP and by the government, only the user must cover recovery fees and some implements of the Guide dog.

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School Guide Dog FundaLurp

It is a private non-profit foundation created in 2009 by people with Retinitis Pigmentosa, to provide support to people affected by this disease and their families. This school is located in Providencia Chile, besides being a school for dogs the institution has a comprehensive rehabilitation center for people with visual disabilities, providing moral and psychological support with orientation courses, mobility, reading and writing among many more, for face the obstacles of everyday life.

escuela de perros guía fundalurp


Assistenzhund Allianz Foundation

It is a non-profit foundation was created in FrankFurt Germany, the foundations of the foundation were created to facilitate a better life for people suffering from visual impairment to improve their mobilization for public spaces, for it tends to use the support of assistance dogs or guide dogs.

escuela de perros guía Assistenzhund Allianz


Lara Guide Dog School Hellas

It is a guide dog school located in Xalandri Greece, it is worth mentioning that it is an associate member of the European Guide Dog Federation (EGDF). The mission of this school is to promote and improve the independence of people suffering from visual impairment through the use of a guide dog. Lara is a non-profit organization and all expenses for the guide dog training and equipment of the guide dogs are derived exclusively from donations.

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Florida Dogs Guide FTD.

It is a guide dog school that was founded in 1984 in the backyard of founder Arlene Dickinson. FDG started as a training program for hearing dogs. The exclusive concept of training recognized in many areas of the state of Florida. This concept allowed to customize the guide dog training for the service of the blind.

escuela de perros guía florida dog guides


Conclusion about the Guide Dog Training

Definitely the guide dog school does a great job since it helps in the training of the assistance dog, in many cases we as people can participate in the care of these beloved animals we only have to be volunteers, with the In order to help disabled people who need the help of guide dogs.


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