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Eleven Guide Dogs

1 junio, 2019
Fundación once

Eleven Guide Dogs

The Eleven Guide Dogs are one of the best assistance dogs for people suffering from blindness or visual impairment, these dogs receive one of the best training in Spain. These friendly dogs receive an arduous training that helps them to recognize and avoid the different obstacles, as well as stable or in full movement, besides that it helps to improve the autonomy of the user and to lead the daily life, it is necessary to highlight that they are very intelligent dogs, Audacious and very sociable.

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It should be noted that the Eleven Guide Dogs are very social animals with both person and other animals, in addition their impeccable behavior is highlighted, they are very obedient and intelligent. In the process of training the guide dogs, eleven reduce their hunting instincts, helping them to control their behavior and tempering, in order to continue their work as a guide dog.

The Eleven Guide Dogs are also trained to disobey the user as long as they are asked for any activity that endangers the physical integrity of both, thanks to their training the eleven guide dog can identify the different unexpected events that may occur, I am going to mention a brief example: Let’s say that a vehicle is backing up and over the path, what the eleven guide dog does, is to wait until the vehicle leaves and can continue on its way with the user.

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Eleven Foundation Dog Guide

The Eleven Foundation, also known by its acronym FOOG, is created for the purpose of raising, educating, training and training guide dogs for people suffering from visual impairment or critical blindness, helping to contribute to their autonomy and safety. displacement through the roads and public areas. This great work for the guide dogs of the Once is ready for the visually impaired throughout Spain, the best of all is that it is a non-profit foundation, you just have to send a request to receive the canine assistant.

The Foundation has a breeding and training center located in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid). In this place there are facilities that house the dogs, administrative staff and a residence of welcome to the people who ask for the longing guide dog. The Eleven Foundation has more than 50 professionals, where we can find training technicians, puppies and nursery supervisors, as well as administrative personnel and general services.

The Once Foundation is a member of the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF) that certifies and guarantees the most optimistic measures of breeding and training of guide dogs, and is a member of the European Breading Network. An important point is that the Eleven advocates the legal rights of guide dogs to facilitate access to different public places and avoid discrimination of these, since they are trained dogs from birth.

The Foundation Eleven to be a nonprofit foundation, you need collaborating companies or sponsors, are also open to voluntary donations, there are companies that collaborate with the Once Foundation among the most recognized we have:

  • Gloria
  • Purina / Pro Plan
  • Eukanuba
  • Zoetis
  • Hill’s
  • Pharmediet Veterinary.

Fundación once


Eleven Guide Dogs Breeds:

In general, the race most associated with the eleven guide dogs is the Labrador Retriever since it has a more sociable character, but in the Once Foundation other races are often used to face the task of being one of the eleven guide dogs. For this I am going to mention the most representative races that have the Once Foundation, they share accommodation, learning and above all they are very educated dogs.

  • Labrador Retriever
  • Golden Retriever
  • German Shepherd
  • Flat Coated Retriever
  • Giant Poodle

These are some of the dog breeds that Eleven also has other breeds that also serve as a guide dog, many people are satisfied with the eleven dogs experience, since they have A good training and they are very responsible with respect to their duties.

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Guide Dog Training Foundation Eleven

The training is one of the most valued points of the Eleven Guide Dogs, as in many schools or other foundations, the eleven Guide Dogs receive intensive training, this process happens already from its birth when the previous selection is made. It is necessary to consider that eleven Guide Dogs must overcome different standards to be qualified and continue in the training process, it is worth mentioning that the Eleven guide dogs go through the following processes throughout their lives.

  1. Selection of Prospectus.
  2. Host Family
  3. Guide Dog Training
  4. Assignment of the User
  5. Retirement of the Guide Guide of the Foundation Eleven

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For this we will mention more in depth the point number 3, we are talking about the training of eleven guide dogs, I will mention some of the actions taken in this important point.

  • Assignment of coaches to guide dogs eleven.
  • Perform a test of initiation and early training, such as obedience, position of assistant or guide, recognition of curbs and stairs, avoidance of obstacles, etc.
  • Then the training is carried out advancing in public areas and real surroundings such as public roads, transport, shopping centers, cafeterias, etc.
  • Another important point is that even the same users carry out training on how to deal with eleven guide dogs, and considered as the last point users are supervised by designated managers, both on the premises and on the street, and if the process is concluded the user can dispose of eleven guide dogs, as long as he meets certain requirements requested by the Once Foundation.

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Legislative Rights of the Eleven Guide Dogs

The Eleven Foundation stands out for defending and applying the legislative rights of Guide Dogs, for the simple fact that they help in the displacement and autonomy of users with visual impairment or blindness, at present there are establishments that prohibit entry to pets, so they discriminate against guide dogs and their users, without considering that these are trained dogs and that they are practically the eyes of the blind. For this I am going to mention the different regulations or legislations to which the use of guide dogs is subject eleven and in general:


Cachorros de Perro Guia


Access Rights

Users with visual disabilities who own a guide dog throughout Spain have the right to access all establishments or public transport, this right is called “Right of access to the public environment”, being regulated by each autonomous community. This means that both people and users with a guide dog have the same access rights to different places without any discrimination or any additional expense.

Work is still going on to regulate the right of access for guide dogs, there are still places that limit access to guide dogs, access to private non-public spaces such as common areas of a building, private clubs, etc. has recently been approved.


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Autonomous laws in Spain with respect to the Guide Dog

As we have mentioned before each community has a law of access right of the guide dogs with different terms or agreements. I am going to mention you of some communities of Spain so that you have knowledge. We must consider that the Once Foundation has been a great defender of the rights of the guide dogs, which benefits both the eleven guide dogs and in general, so that they can not be discriminated against by the different establishments and are respected throughout Spain.

  • Community of Madrid

According to Law 2/2015 of March 10, gives access to the environment of people with disabilities that require the assistance of assistance dogs.

  • Comunidad of Canarias

According to Law 3/2017 of April 26, the assistance of guide dogs for people with visual disabilities has been regulated in the autonomous community of the Canary Islands.

  • Community of Castilla & León

According to Law 3/1998 of June 24, the right of access to guide dogs to different establishments and public areas has been regulated, also from article 38 to 47 mentions that if this law is not complied with a penalty will be applied.

This Law has been updated and modified for the benefit of blind users and guide dogs, according to Decree 217/2001 of August 30 and Decree 2/2013 of May 15.

  • Community Valenciana

According to Law 12/2003 of April 10, the use of guide dogs by users with visual disabilities and access to different public areas has been recognized. Then this law has been updated to increase the benefits of the user and the Guide Dog, according to decree 176/2006 of November 3 and developed by the order of conselleria and social welfare of May 30, 2007.

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Travel with Guide Dog

This right allows access and disposal of a long-distance transfer, both for Spain and abroad, for this purpose it has established different decrees that allow the transfer of guide dogs with their owners.

According to the regulation 1107/2006 of July 5, the rights of people with visual disabilities and their guide dogs have been recognized the use of air transport. Likewise, access to publicly owned museums and monuments is emphasized.

To travel abroad you have to meet certain additional requirements that allow the guide dog to travel together with its owner in the same place. We must consider that these requirements are of vital importance for the transfer in air transport.

  • The sanitary requirements and paperwork that is required for the entry of the guide dog to the country or countries of destination and for the same re-entry to Spain.
  • The documentation that recognizes the right of access to the environment with a guide dog in the country or countries of destination.

In the same way that it is done in air transport, it is usually used in land or sea transport, in question of the first point on the requirements of travel is divided into two parts: the first are paperwork and paperwork for travel within the Union European (EU) and the second the displacement outside the EU, the latter must be a little more careful and thorough, as each country has different barriers to entry.

And finally we must verify the recognition of the right of access of guide dogs to different countries, it may be that some countries do not consider or recognize the rights of the guide dog and therefore can not enter or are still in full paperwork it is better to be informed and have all the documentation to avoid problems, it is better to carry out the procedures with your own manager.

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Report the Guide Dog’s restriction.

Even not all establishments or public and private places recognize the right to use the Guide Dog, so we can enforce it, people with visual disabilities and guide dogs are supported by the right of access to public and private areas, in case If this decree is not complied with, the Once Foundation is ready to offer its help and intervene in the matter, the affected people can call or send an email, making known their complaint about the discrimination they had to take letters in the affair.

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Norms of Interest

  • According to the state regulations, the right of access of the guide dog to all public and private areas throughout Spain is recognized, and for this right can be supported mainly in Royal Decree 3280/1983 of December 7.
  • Guide Dogs Eleven or in general can be a potential way for its size or physical characteristics, we must consider that these dogs are well entered from birth and for this Supreme Decree 287/2002 of March 22 backs it.
  • Guide dogs have free access to private or private vehicles, since the guide dogs are well trained and the user needs help and support from the guide dog for their daily transfer or activity.
  • The users must be subject to different obligations before acquiring the guide dog so that it can acquire the different rights established by the supreme court with respect to the guide dog, among the most important we have: The subscription of an insurance to support the damages caused for the guide dog, to have at all times the accreditation of use of the Guide Dog, to use the harness and the obligatory mail when going out with the guide dog, etc.
  • The guide dogs eleven have an identification on the collar with the code number and the association, foundation or school to which it belongs, also in some cases as lost or stolen guide dogs because of their high cost, they have a tracking chip and identifier.
  • Access rights for trainers and caregivers are the same rights as users and are recognized throughout Spain, due to the fact that they are fully trained or able to access public and private establishments, places and areas.
  • And finally the sanitary requirements of the Guide Dog must be met, among the most important we have: Sterilization to avoid hormonal changes, must be vaccinated against rabies every 12 months, also against distemper, canine parvovirus, canine hepatitis among other diseases, it must be internally and externally dewormed, etc.

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Questions about the Eleven Guide Dogs

The questions are very frequent with respect to what we want to know, these originate according to our interest and desire to know more about the Eleven Foundation, I am going to mention the most frequent questions that people ask themselves. with respect to eleven guide dogs.

How to request Dog Guide Eleven?

To request an example of the eleven guide dogs you must first consider the different obligations and requirements, we must bear in mind that the eleven guide dog is a companion of assistance and not a pet, if we want to be accepted, here I am going to mention The essential requirements:

  • The Eleven Guide Dogs must be kept clean and healthy.
  • Obtain a civil liability insurance covering the possible damages to third parties that the guide dog may cause eleven.
  • Maintain a great control of eleven guide dogs in all situations and ensure their good behavior.

After fulfilling these requirements with respect to guide dogs, users also have other requirements such as: Be of legal age, be a member of the eleven and be an essential user of the cane. And then approach the facilities of the Once to fill out the necessary documentation and ready, it would only be a matter of waiting until the eleven guide dogs is designated to the user.

How to adopt Dog Guide Eleven?

In order to adopt eleven guide dogs, users must follow the requirements mentioned in the previous question to the letter, in order to be assigned to the guide dog, it is usually delayed between 2 and 3 years after the request, we must consider that to achieve an efficient behavior the dog must be well trained, besides that there are many users who request it and that this is a non-profit foundation.

How to raise Eleven Guide Dog?

Remember that in the process of training eleven guide dogs, this should be assigned to a family to raise and help to socialize with humans, we as individuals can request the welcome of the guide puppies and engage in their Also, accept the conditions established by the Once Foundation, this decision should be taken by a solidarity act, since the eleven guide dogs do a social work in assisting blind people and / or visual impairment.

Where is the Dog Guide eleven school?

In if the Eleven Dog Guide Foundation is located in Camino de Alcorcón, Boadilla del Monte, is where we can find the school, raising puppies and administrative management. We can also contact the Foundation with your phone number or email: 916 324 630 or

How can I work in the Eleven Foundation of the Guide Dog?

In order to work in the Once Foundation, we must first go through a training that allows us to reach the highest levels of qualification and professional competitiveness. For this we can access the different training programs of INSERTA, which is a project of the Eleven. It is also advisable to contact the Once Foundation if we are applying for a job, they will provide us with the information to follow this process.

How to adopt a retired Guide Dog of the Eleven?

Adopting a retired guide dog is one of the most supportive actions that families can carry out. For this, a great commitment must be made for their upbringing, and the fact that the people who adopt the eleven retired guide dogs can be highly valued. provide a home and the affection of a family, to adopt them you can write an email or contact the Foundation by phone. 916 324 630 or

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